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Benefit Of Noni Juice

Benefit Of Noni Juice - Hype Or Hyper-Healthy Noni Juice?

If all the claims about the health benefit of Noni juice are to be believed, Noni juice is a mighty miracle in a bottle. And it seems to have a nose nasty enough to prove its punch!

The health benefit of Noni juice can be experienced courtesy of Morinda citrifolia, the scientific name for the Noni plant. Several islands of the South Pacific, are home to the plant utilized for healthy Noni juice.

Actually, India has to take credit for introducing Pacific nations to the benefit of Noni juice in the distant past. This explains the name 'Indian Mulberry' that is still used.

The evergreen Polynesian plant, the source of the astonishing health benefit of Noni juice, has small white flowers. The flowers produce green knobby fruit, which change to a yellow or whitish color when ripe. At this stage the natural Noni juice is collected. Island inhabitants are said to find these plants with their noses! Luckily the pungent odor lessens during fermentation and preparation of the juice. At the same time, the Noni juice becomes more palatable.

Far-reaching claims are made as far as the benefit of Noni juice is concerned. Some of the properties in the juice are classified as antibacterial agents. Among the benefits Noni juice is known for, lowered cholesterol levels feature.

The benefit of Noni juice also seems to extend to the digestive tract, helping to control fungi and yeast growth. Natural Noni juice are also claimed to be mildly analgesic. A host of other Noni juice health benefits are mentioned, but scientific research on Noni juice has yet to confirm or refute this.

It is possible to make your own Noni juice, if you have access to the plant. It may be sensible to delay the juicing until you have a stuffy nose...

One method suggested is to start when the fruit is really ripe (both literally and figuratively speaking), and blend or puree for a minute or two. Some water can be added if you prefer. To add the health benefit of grape juice to the mix, or the health benefit of blueberry juice, add these to your Noni juice to taste.

You can also use a variation of the 'dripping' method, by storing the ripe fruit in a jar, and straining the liquid formed into a container. Refrigerate at this point. Apparently it is recommended that you take the natural Noni juice on an empty stomach to experience the health benefit of Noni juice. Books about the health benefit of Noni juice also mention topical application of Noni juice.

Bottled forms of natural Noni juice are more accessible at this time, although it can be a bit heavy on the pocket. One of the most popular brands seems to be Tahitian Noni Juice. The Tahitian Noni juice Canada sells, is called Tahitian Noni Nectar. The other favorite is Pure Hawaiian Noni Juice. Both claim wide-ranging Noni juice health benefits. There is quite a healthy competition between the two brands, both offering a plethora of information on the health benefit of Noni juice.

These manufacturers use natural Noni juice, without harmful additives or preservatives. The Tahitian Noni Juice is a mixture of natural Noni juice, grape juice, and blueberry juice. This gives a more palatable taste. The bottled Noni juices are pasteurized to ensure safety, and a longer shelf life. Pasteurizing the juice doesn't seem to have a detrimental effect on the health benefit of Noni juice, judging by the growing number of glowing testimonials.

The public will have to wait for more research on Noni juice to prove or disprove the wide-ranging health benefit claims. Until then, it is available as a supplement, to be treated with the same caution and common sense you would afford any other health product. If you have an ailment, are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, discussing the health benefit of Noni juice with a health professional is the sensible way to go.

Conquering the taste and odor of the juice may be well worth it, even if only a fraction of the claims about the possible health benefit of Noni juice proves to hold water.

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