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"I was very pleased with the quick response from Rika and her extensive knowledge about greens and how to make good tasting juices. She was able to tell me what greens are toxic also; I did not know that carrot greens were toxic! This is really important to a newbie such as myself. I look forward to visiting the site in the future as I juice my way to good health." - Gail S.

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15 Best Fruits And Vegetables For Juicing, 2 Easy Juice Recipes

By Rika Susan, May 2014

Are you ready with your juicer, but still fairly new to this whole juicing thing? Are you not sure how to choose the best fruits and vegetables for juicing?

What should you look for when selecting fruits and vegetables to juice?

15 Of the best fruits and vegetables to juice. 2 Easy juice recipes to enjoy.Choosing The Best Fruits And Vegetables For Juicing - © al62 / Dollar Photo Club

Let's see if I can help you with a choice of my personal best fresh goodies, specifically tailored for folks who are still finding their feet in the juicing world...

For beginners I have three main criteria when choosing suitable fruits and vegetables for juicing, namely...
  1. Water-rich produce, giving lots of juice
  2. Nutrient-rich items, providing your body with as much as possible of what it needs to stay healthy
  3. Fruits and vegetables with a fairly mild taste

Veggies like the leafy greens are not necessarily very water-rich, but they sport an extremely powerful nutrient profile. So, a little goes a long way. The best way to juice them, is to bunch them up and add them together with the harder ingredients such as carrots or apples.

My Eight Best Vegetables To Juice For Beginners

1. Cabbage

Just wait until you taste the Digestive Shake juicing recipe further down! White cabbage has never tasted so good before! :-) As it has a water content of over 90%, cabbage actually produces a surprising quantity of juice.

Whether you prefer white cabbage, the red variety or savoy and chinese cabbage, you will be adding an astounding mix of phytonutrients to your diet. Cabbage is packed with antioxidants and is well-equipped to help you fight inflammation in your body.

If you struggle with digestive issues, adding cabbage juice can be a great help. It is also one of the best liver support foods. Cabbage is rich in a substance called SMM, also referred to as Vitamin U. This particular nutrient has been shown to help heal the lining of the digestive tract in general and peptic ulcers in particular. It is also of benefit to your liver.

Together with the above, the glucosinolates[1] in cabbage give your body the tools it needs to put up a defense against cancer.

Six Health Benefits Of Cabbage Juice...

  • Rich in cancer-fighting nutrients
  • Superb for your skin, hair and nails
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Can help to heal or prevent ulcers
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • One of the best vegetables to juice for weight loss

On a side note...

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2. Cucumber

Although strictly speaking a fruit, let's count it among my best vegetables for juicing. I use it almost every time we juice. It is rich in water (roughly 96%!) and can add lots of volume to your juices, without altering the taste of a juice significantly.

In spite of its high water content, it is rich in nutrients. It is one of the best ingredients to juice for your hair, skin and nails.

If you are struggling with water retention, juicing recipes with cucumber are gold. You can read more about the benefits of cucumber juice here.

3. Celery

As with beets, celery is a must-have for lowering high blood pressure and for restoring electrolyte balance after workouts. For 5 of the most important health benefits of celery juice, check out this article.

At roughly 95% water, celery is a good item to include in your recipes.

4. Carrots

A single medium carrot can provide more than an astonishing 200% of your daily Vitamin A need! This is thanks to the high beta-carotene content of carrots, being converted to Vitamin A in your body.

The health benefits of carrot juice include...

  • Being good for protecting heart health
  • Helping with cancer prevention
  • Superb for maintaining and restoring eye health
  • Offering some liver protection

Carrots act as a natural sweetener in your vegetable juices. Just keep in mind that they are higher in sugar. It is preferable to mix them with greens to lower your sugar intake.

5. Beetroot

As beets grow below ground, they are higher in sugar and therefore add some sweetness to juice recipes. I also love the delicious-looking reddish color they give to juices! If green juices don't appear appetizing to you, you can easily change the color by adding a chunk or two of beetroot.

Picture of the best vegetables when juicing for weight lossSelecting the best vegetables to juice for weight loss - © Best-Juicing.com

Remember that beets are quite potent, so take it slowly if you are new to juicing. Start with a chunk or two (not whole beetroot), while allowing your system to get used to the juice. Don't drink beet juice on its own, but mix it with a variety of other fruits and veggies.

Beet greens are edible and can be juiced. However, the leaves are strongly flavored. If you are a beginner, I would suggest discarding them at first.

Beetroot juice probably is one of the best researched juices so far, as you can read in this article. It has been proven to be beneficial in a number of ways, from lowering blood pressure to revving up your endurance[2]. Beetroot would be one of the best vegetables to juice for energy.

Seven Health Benefits Of Beet Juice...

  • An excellent liver support food
  • Increases stamina
  • Can help to boost metabolism
  • Can help with recovery after a stroke
  • Increases blood flow to the brain
  • Excellent for folks with hypertension
  • Offers digestive support

6. Spinach

Be sure to buy the darkest shades of spinach you can find, in order to ensure the highest nutrient intake from it. Baby spinach also is an excellent choice for both juice recipes and smoothies.

Five Health Benefits Of Spinach Juice...

  • Rich in carotenoids that offer cancer[3] protection
  • Excellent for reducing inflammation in your digestive tract
  • Helps to keep your blood vessels healthy
  • The carotenoids in spinach juice can help to protect eye health in the long term
  • Can improve blood pressure readings

7. Brussels Sprouts

If your family doesn't enjoy eating brussels sprouts, try them in your juices. They don't alter the taste significantly and can therefore easily be added to almost any juice recipe. As one of the cruciferous veggies, brussels sprouts are great for weight loss.

8. Romaine Lettuce

This is one of the most nutrient-rich types of lettuce to use for juicing. It is a low-calorie choice and comes with a high water content. Romaine lettuce is loaded with beta-carotene, vitamin K, vitamin C, folic acid, potassium and manganese, among a variety of other nutrients.

The folic acid in romaine lettuce is excellent for preventing the build-up of damaging homocysteine in your blood vessels. Another plus is the package of antioxidants that help to keep your arteries clear by preventing the build-up of sticky cholesterol. This combo makes romaine lettuce a very cardio-friendly veggie to include in your juice recipes.

My Seven Best Fruits For Juicing

Image of the best fruits for juicingSelection of the best fruits to juice - © al62 / Dollar Photo Club

1. Kiwifruit

I love adding kiwifruit to almost any juice recipe. They may be small, but potent stuff can come in small packages!

Researchers are still scratching their heads about exactly why these fruits are so powerful in terms of health benefits[4]. Generally speaking supplementation with antioxidants haven't shown promising results. However, when adding only 1 single antioxidant-rich kiwi fruit per day, the results were impressive.

Whether this has to do with the specific antioxidant combo in kiwifruit, or some other active phytonutrient, remains a mystery at this time. But, there are clear indications in research studies are clear that kiwifruit can help to reduce the DNA damage that can lead to cancer. The fruit also seems to have a measurable beneficial effect on heart health.

Although golden kiwifruit have a different phytonutrient profile, both the green and gold varieties offer these unique health benefits. This fruit is one of the most concentrated sources of vitamin C.

Seven Health Benefits Of Kiwifruit Juice...

  • Reduce free radical damage
  • Protect cardiovascular health
  • May help to reduce the incidence of strokes
  • Excellent low-calorie choice for weight loss
  • Adds helpful digestive enzymes
  • Offer protection from age-related degenerative diseases
  • Helps to promote a more alkaline environment in your body

2. Pears

I love the fact that pears are such an excellent source of pectin, one of the crucial soluble fibers. Luckily the soluble fiber is retained when juicing. It plays an important role in lowering bad cholesterol and regulating blood sugar.

Try not to peel pears. The skins are a good source of the antioxidant quercetin.

Seven Health Benefits Of Pear Juice...

  • A good choice for weight loss
  • Pears are tolerated well and rarely cause allergies
  • General anti-inflammatory, especially soothing for your digestive tract
  • Pear juice can help with constipation
  • Can help to control cholesterol
  • Cancer prevention
  • Could help with blood sugar control

Don't miss my delicious Digestive Shake Juice Recipe a bit further down! A simple combination of pears and cabbage with an amazing taste!

3. Apples

An apple might seem like a very 'ordinary' fruit, but don't misjudge the nutritional power hidden in each juicy package! It is astonishing that such a common, readily available fruit comes with so many health benefits. And it has to do with far more than the fiber content.

I often use apples in my juice recipes. They are great for adding a touch of sweetness and flavor. Although a bit higher in sugar than most veggies, they are fairly low on the glycemic index (around 38). They are a good source of soluble fiber. Best of all, their polyphenols team up to help to prevent blood sugar spikes - excellent news in my book!

Six Health Benefits Of Apple Juice...

  • Reducing heart disease risk
  • Lowering cancer risk
  • Helping to regulate blood sugar
  • Reducing the health-damaging deep, visceral fat around your organs
  • Helping your body to fight allergies
  • May help to reduce the severity of asthma

Get the full story in this article on the nutrient profile of apples and their health benefits.

4. Blueberries

All the different kinds of berries, but blueberries in particular, are extremely rich in a variety of antioxidants. Researchers have found that blueberries offer from cancer protection to brain protection! They can help to keep age-related brain diseases at bay and can give your memory and concentration powers a solid boost. Read more about the powerful antioxidant cocktail in blueberries here.

5. Lemons

I love to use lemons when juicing. This fruits adds flavor to veggie juices and make green juices more palatable.

Try to peel lemons as thinly as possible, before juicing. If you leave more of the white pith on the fruit, you will markedly increase your intake of very unique nutrients. The pith of citrus fruits is extremely rich in a variety of phytonutrients, for example limonene, naringenin and limonin. These, plus the vitamin C content and the other nutrients in citrus, make them handy allies in keeping you healthy.

Five Health benefits of lemon juice...
  • Can reduce inflammation
  • May help to improve digestion
  • Can aid in weight loss
  • Could help to control cholesterol
  • Offers cancer protection
  • Lemons have antibacterial and antiviral properties

6. Limes

If you don't enjoy using lemons, you can use limes as a substitute. Limes may be a little less sour. In fact, you could even be lucky enough to get the sweet variety, if you prefer! Unfortunately the sweet version isn't widely available yet.

7. Watermelon

Watermelon contains around 92% water! Researchers have found that folks who increase their intake of water-rich fruits or veggies, find that they lose weight with greater ease and are better able to keep their calorie intake under control.

Watermelon is loaded with minerals and other nutrients that can help with water retention and can also boost metabolism. And, did you know that you can even juice them rind and all if your juicer can handle it?

The Best Vegetables To Juice For Weight Loss

Now, let's try two very simple, yet delicious fruit and vegetable juice recipes! Enjoy!

Digestive Shake Juice Recipe

Picture of digestive shake juice recipeCreamy Digestive Shake Juicing Recipe! - © moken / Dollar Photo Club
2 Pears
Large chunk of white cabbage, according to taste

  1. Wash the pear and cabbage
  2. Quarter the pear. Don't peel, but discard seeds if preferred
  3. Cut cabbage into manageable pieces
  4. Juice and serve over crushed ice

Note: Both pear and cabbage are extremely soothing and healing for your whole digestive tract. This juice looks like milkshake! It is a delectable creamy, pale color and tastes surprisingly sweet. And cabbage is one of the best vegetables to juice for weight loss!

One large glass or two small glasses

Five-A-Day Fighter Juice

1/2 Medium beet
2 Carrots
2 Apples
2 Kiwifruit
Handful baby spinach

  1. Discard carrot greens
  2. Wash all the ingredients
  3. Cut beet into chunks
  4. Trim carrot ends
  5. Quarter apples. Don't peel, but discard seeds
  6. Peel kiwifruit if preferred and halve
  7. Bunch up the spinach for juicing
  8. Run everything through your juicer. Juice the spinach together with carrots or beet to get the most from it.

> From the juicing for health desk of Rika Susan

1. The latest news about cabbage
2. Beetroot helping you to be more active?
3. Stanford Medicine Cancer Institute Juice Recipes
4. Supplementation of western diet with golden kiwifruit

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