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Best Juicing Tips For Juice Extractor Machines - Make The Most Of Your Juicer

Owning one of the top juice extractor machines on the market is of little use to you if you don't know where to start. I have been juicing for more than 15 years. So, I decided to put together some of the best juicing tips to help you to make friends with your juicer!

Most of the juice extractor machines come with a handy manual, but just in case yours isn't clear enough, I thought a few extra juicing tips would come in handy. So, let's get started.

You don't HAVE to buy organic veggies, if you can't find them or can't afford them. Of course, they are great. But they may be way too expensive. They may also simply not be available if you live in a small town. Don't let that stop you! The 'ordinary' veggies are still filled with nutrients, provided that you buy them as fresh as possible and use them within a day or two.

It is important to wash everything thoroughly. A good scrub brush will come in handy.

Produce such as cucumbers may be waxed. If this is the case, it is safer to peel them.

Your aim should be to focus on juicing veggies. At first, you may prefer to use more fruits, until you get used to the taste of the juice. That is okay, unless you have a sugar problem. But try to reduce the fruits gradually, adding a wider variety of vegetables. Even veggies such as carrots and beets have to be used sparingly. The reason for this is that they come with a fairly high sugar content. So, you have to take care not to overdo it with the sweeter stuff!

Want to really give your juice a protein kick? Try adding some ground nuts to the juice. This also serves as a source of healthy fats. How's that for turning a glass of juice into a solid meal?

One way to cut down on sugar and calories, is to dilute the juice. Add one part water to one part juice. This is something you should always do with shop bought fruit juices as well.

The kids demand their smoothies? No problem. You can slip in some freshly made veggie juice to give the smoothie recipes an extra health kick and an instant nutrient boost.

Try drinking your juice about 15 minutes before your main meal of the day. You will probably find that it fills you up, thus helping you to eat less - a super way to lose some extra weight by juicing!

Fruits such as banana and pawpaw don't juice well. Rather keep them for smoothie recipes. Opt for fruits with a juicier texture to use in juice extractor machines.

Get more juice from your greens by rolling the leaves into tight balls. Juice a ball together with a carrot or apple. You will find that this is much more effective than just running the greens as is through the juicer.

What are the best vegetables to juice? Juice as wide a variety of veggie colors as possible. Remember B-Grow to have all your colors covered. This stands for fruits and veggies that are blue/purple, green, red, orange/yellow and white. The more colorful your juice, the better the nutrient punch will be!

Try to alternate softer fruits and veggies and harder ones. This can help to reduce clogging in your juicer.

Remember that you should never take medication with your veggie juice. The juice may affect the absorption of your meds, so this is a crucial tip to keep in mind. Juice extractor machines and meds don't mix!

Check out my free e-book for more valuable juicing tips. Click here now for '35 Frequently Asked Juicing Questions Answered'. You will also get '5 Must Have Juicing Recipes', plus '24 Weight Loss Tips' as a bonus. All 3 books are yours totally free.

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