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"I was very pleased with the quick response from Rika and her extensive knowledge about greens and how to make good tasting juices. She was able to tell me what greens are toxic also; I did not know that carrot greens were toxic! This is really important to a newbie such as myself. I look forward to visiting the site in the future as I juice my way to good health." - Gail S.

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How To Lose Weight Without A Diet Tip 1: The Easiest Build Muscle Lose Fat 'Diet'!

How To Lose Weight Without a Diet: Tip 1 | Tip 2 | Tip 3
Tip 4 | Tip 5 | Tip 6 | Tip 7 | Tip 8 | Tip 9 | Tip 10a | Tip 10b

Note from Rika: For more healthy eating ideas for your family check out this simple, step-by-step system for shopping, cooking and eating the world's healthiest foods.

Do you also want to know how to lose weight without dieting?

Well, let me show you how you can easily skim off a humongous 22,000 calories per year, without even feeling it!

And you will also discover why this is the easiest build-muscle-lose-fat 'diet' on the planet!

You simply don't have to starve yourself to get rid of unsightly and unhealthy fat. We have been brainwashed to think in this way.

So, let's switch gears and use our common sense to change our bodies. You can start today by making one really simple change.

The Easiest Build Muscle Lose Fat 'Diet': Ban Whole Milk And Choose Skim Milk!

  • Whole milk has a scary fat content of 4%

  • Skim milk's fat content is less than 0.5%!

  • One cup whole milk has 149 calories

  • One cup skim milk has just 86 calories

  • Skim milk is more nutrient dense than whole milk
By just swapping 1 cup of whole milk per day, for 1 cup of skim milk, you will be cutting out 60 calories per day.

Doesn't sound like much? Well, how about putting that gray matter to use and doing a little calculation? Those daily 60 calories translate into a massive 22,000 calories per year!

And that means that your simple switch can help you to lose around 6 pounds of body weight in a year, without the slightest bit of pain!

Don't like the taste of skim milk? Just go slowly. Dilute your whole milk of 2% milk with skim milk for a while, adding more skim milk as you go along to increase the skim milk percentage.

Before you know it, you will be on skim milk alone. Once you get there, you are very likely to find that you can no longer stomach whole milk, as it will be far too rich.

Remember to use nonfat evaporated milk in you kitchen as well. This is great in a deliciously creamy soup, rather than adding fattening cream.

Why am I calling this the easiest build-muscle-lose-fat 'diet' in the world? Well, scientists at the McMaster University have discovered that strength training folks who drink milk lost almost twice the body fat lost by carbohydrate drinking participants (this refers to sports drinks, for instance).

In addition, the milk drinking group gained a massive 63% more muscle than the carbohydrate drinking folks! This study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Apparently the researchers discovered that the calcium in dairy foods actually changes and increases fat metabolism in our bodies! So, unless you have an allergy or sensitivity when it comes to dairy, milk products should be part of your daily diet and can turn out to be the ultimate build-muscle-lose-fat 'diet'!

So, there you have it. Not only will you lose weight by switching from whole milk to skim milk, but you will also discover that the fact that you are drinking milk is helping you to gain muscle if you are training with weights. How is that for the easiest build-muscle-lose-fat 'diet' (see new video presentation)?

Note from Rika: For more healthy eating ideas for your family check out this simple, step-by-step system for shopping, cooking and eating the world's healthiest foods.

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