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Fruit And Vegetable Juicer Tips - Best Vegetables To Juice For Health

I recently wrote an article with some quick fruit and vegetable juicer tips, but what are the best vegetables to juice for health? How do you choose the best vegetables for juicing? Let's see if I can help you with answers to these questions. It is really easy to remember!

The Best Vegetables To Juice For Health - Color And Variety

Always opt for the brightest colors you can find. The stronger the color, the more beneficial the particular vegetable is likely to be in terms of nutrient value.

On a side note...

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And remember that variety is the spice of life! We can become so used to grabbing the same old familiar choices when shopping, that we forget about all the wonderful fruits and veggies we have never tried! How about going through the fresh produce section with an equally fresh eye next time you go shopping? You will discover loads of different colors, shapes and textures. Give them a try.

Photographer: Simon Howden

Organic Or Not?

If you can't afford organic fruits and vegetables, vegetable juicer recipes made with the 'ordinary' stuff will be fine! Don't worry too much about this. Organic is great, but not crucial. Just make sure that you buy as fresh as possible and wash the produce thoroughly before juicing. Fruits and vegetables that have been waxed, must be peeled to be on the safe side. Old, wilted produce packs an equally wilted, no-good supply of vitamins and minerals! So, find out when the fresh veggies will be coming in...

How To Choose The Best Vegetables For Juicing

You need something from each of the following 5 groups. The first letters of the groups spell B-GROW. This is a super-easy way to remember the best vegetables to juice!

  • Blue and purple veggies such as blueberries, plums, purple grapes and purple cabbage

  • Green veggies such as spinach, green cabbage, asparagus and broccoli

  • Red fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, beets or red apples

  • Orange and yellow vegetables, for example squash, cantaloupe, lemons and carrots

  • White fruits and vegetables such as cauliflower, parsnips and cabbage
So, just remember B-GROW (blue, green, red, orange and white) when shopping!

If you follow the B-GROW guide, you will be taking in cancer warriors, heart helpers, eye and skin doctors, immune boosters, digestion soothers and a host of other health helpers for your body.

I hope this helps you to know how to choose the best vegetables to juice! You can find more answers to fruit and vegetable juicer questions by joining here and getting free ebooks.

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