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How To Improve Self Image - 6 Vital Vitamins To Improve Your Self Esteem

"I love myself just the way I am"
Image: anankkml / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
You are taking good care of your body with juicing recipes and a juice extractor, but you are still feeling down about yourself? Are you wondering how to improve your self image as well as your body image? You are not alone in your struggle with this! Many of your juicing friends can identify with this issue.

Let's see which 'vitamins' you need to enable you to discover how to improve your self image, self esteem and confidence.

How To Improve Your Self Image - 6 Vital 'Vitamins'

On a side note...

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1. Vitamin A - Learn To Accept Yourself

Many of us have become so used to criticizing ourselves, that we don't even realize we are doing it! It has become second nature to sabotage our self esteem.

What if, instead, you can start to take baby steps towards accepting who you are, warts and all? What if you can start to tell yourself that you are okay? What if you can begin to look for and value your many good qualities as a unique human being? Can you, for example, start to give yourself messages such as:

  • I am a good friend
  • I am a great listener
  • I have lots of empathy and compassion
  • I have a good rapport with animals
  • I make a positive contribution at work
  • I always look for the good in other people
  • I have a beautiful smile that lights up a room
  • I love my legs/feet/hands/eyes or any part of your physical self you are happy with
  • I always try to find some way to make my partner's day better
  • I always try to give a genuine compliment to people I meet, to brighten their day
If you sit down with a pen and paper and you really think about this, you are bound to come up with loads of other true, positive statements about yourself. It may take some practice at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to use this technique to boost your self image daily.

2. Vitamin B - Just Be Sometimes

In our society, everything seems to be measured by accomplishments. We forget that we are supposed to be human 'beings', not human 'doings'! We need to rediscover that it is okay just to 'be' sometimes. Just sit and think for a while, or listen to the birds outside, or listen to a beautiful piece of music or watch a breathtaking sunset... You are a unique human being just as you are. You don't have to measure yourself by what you DO. You don't have to compare yourself to others. You can just BE you!

3. Vitamin C - Take Good Care Of Yourself

If you are juicing for health, you are taking an important first step. Cultivating good eating habits will help you to feel much better about yourself. Decide that you are no longer going to play the 'fad diet' game. You deserve to take care of your body with good nutrition. You will also be teaching your kids to do the same. This is a gift that will pay lifetime dividends in their lives!

Exercise also plays a role. Not only will it give you an improved body image, but the activity itself leads to the production of 'feel-good' endorphins that will give you a lift. This doesn't have to mean going to the gym. Any fun activity that gets you moving and builds muscle, counts. Making sure that you get enough sleep is also crucial. This can even help you to lose weight if you need to!

How to improve self image further? I know that finding enough 'me' time can be an issue in a busy household. However, try to make the time to take care of yourself with good grooming. It is well worth the trouble and will help you to build both confidence and self esteem.

4. Vitamin D - Do Something Different

Your confidence and self image can get a major boost if you choose to challenge yourself with something new! Whether it is doing a course in a subject you have always been interested in or learning a new hobby, doesn't really matter. As long as you stretch your mind in the process.

5. Vitamin F - Make Sure You Get Food For Thought!

Remember that it is not just your body that needs good food. Your mind and thoughts also need a daily dose of healthy 'nutrition'. You can take care of this with positive affirmations, uplifting reading material and calming music. Try this just before you go to sleep and you are likely to wake up in a more positive frame of mind!

6. Vitamin G - Get A Gratitude Journal

Start a gratitude journal for yourself. Spend the last few minutes of every day making a list of what you have to be grateful for. This will help you to focus on all the positives in your life.

So, are you ready to learn how to improve your self image? Set yourself the goal of adding one of these self esteem and confidence 'vitamins' every week, starting perhaps with the gratitude journal.

> From the juicing for health desk of Rika Susan

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