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How To Lose Weight Without A Diet Tip 9 - 5 Simple Tricks To Lose Up To 40 Pounds

How To Lose Weight Without a Diet: Tip 1 | Tip 2 | Tip 3
Tip 4 | Tip 5 | Tip 6 | Tip 7 | Tip 8 | Tip 9 | Tip 10a | Tip 10b

Note from Rika: For more healthy eating ideas for your family check out this simple, step-by-step system for shopping, cooking and eating the world's healthiest foods.

In tip 9 of my "How To Lose Weight Without A Diet" series, I want to give you 5 really simple tricks that can help you to lose up to 40 pounds of fat in a year!

I am sure that you will find these easy to do. You really don't have to starve yourself. Just think about what you are eating and how you can make smarter choices.

How To Lose Weight Without A Diet With 5 Easy Changes

1. Spread Yourself Thin

Used to slapping at least two teaspoons of regular preserves or jam on toast a few times a day? If you can find a low-sugar substitute or just reduce the amount of jam you use, you can easily shave off in the region of 64 calories per day. Do this for a year, and it adds up to a humongous 23,360 calories! How's that for a saving? That equals about 7 pounds of flab lost. Not too hard to do, is it?

Perhaps you can try alternatives such as:

  • Freshly made hummus

  • Apple sauce

  • Seasoned, low fat cottage cheese or yogurt with some tomato is also great. Add a bit of mustard for extra bite. You can use this with cucumber slices or lettuce for a filling sandwich

  • Salsa is another substitute you can consider
If you insist on having your jam, why not get used to having toast without margarine or butter? By doing that, you will have more or less the same calorie saving in a year.

2. Full-fat To Fat-free

Love a tub of yogurt? That's fine, but why not switch from full-fat to fat-free? You can even use plain yogurt and add your own fruit such as berries. This simple change of around 100 calories per day, will add up to an impressive 36,500 calories per year. So, yet another painless route to dropping 10 pounds in a year!

3. Wine Tasting Weight

Some wines may have health benefits, but they come at a high calorie price. Did you know that just 4 fluid ounces (about 120 milliliters) of wine will add 100 calories to your daily intake? By cutting this out, you will again be saving up to 36,500 calories in a year, equaling another 10 pounds of unnecessary weight.

4. Tea And Coffee

Are you used to dumping 2 to 3 teaspoons of sugar into every cup of tea or coffee? How many times a day do you do this? Have you done the math? Up to 6 or 8 times a day? Just by cutting out 1 teaspoon of sugar three times a day, you can reduce your calorie intake by 75 every day. In a year, this adds up to 27,375 calories or a flabby 8 pounds!

It is very easy to get used to less sugar in your tea or coffee. In fact, once you do this for a while, you won't be able to tolerate two or three teaspoons of sugar per cup of tea. I made the change by cutting out sugar totally for a day or two. Then I started with one teaspoon per cup of tea. After no sugar, that was quite sweet enough!

5. From Potato Chips To Popcorn

Love salty potato chips? One small bag of 28 grams weigh in at around 150 calories. How about rather opting for fat-free, air popped popcorn that is fiber rich as well? A sour cream and chives flavor will satisfy your craving for salt. The calories? A measly 50 per cup of popcorn. That is another 100 calorie saving. If you do this 3 times a week, you will save 15,600 calories in the next year, which equals about 4.5 pounds of body weight.

So, how to lose weight without a diet? Here you have 5 really easy tricks you can work on immediately. If you add the saved calories above, the result shows almost 140,000 calories per year or a possible loss of just under 40 pounds in a year!

Just get used to looking for these hidden calories. Soon it will be second nature to make smarter nutrition choices and your kids will learn to do this as well by following your example.

How To Lose Weight Without a Diet: Tip 1 | Tip 2 | Tip 3
Tip 4 | Tip 5 | Tip 6 | Tip 7 | Tip 8 | Tip 9 | Tip 10a | Tip 10b

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