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How To Lose Weight Without A Diet Tip 10 - Busting 5 More Top Diet Myths

How To Lose Weight Without a Diet: Tip 1 | Tip 2 | Tip 3
Tip 4 | Tip 5 | Tip 6 | Tip 7 | Tip 8 | Tip 9 | Tip 10a | Tip 10b

Note from Rika: For more healthy eating ideas for your family check out this simple, step-by-step system for shopping, cooking and eating the world's healthiest foods.

Welcome to part 2 of Tip 10 in my 'How To Lose Weight Without A Diet' series. In part 1 we busted 5 top diet myths. Want to join me to knock out another 5 top diet myths today?

Top Diet Myth 6 - Strength Training Will Make You Gain Weight

Luckily this one isn't true at all! The fact is that working out with weights is one of the best ways to enable you to maintain your ideal weight or to lose weight if you need to. What happens is that you will begin to add lean muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, but as you add muscle, your body will gain in its ability to burn calories. Your body absolutely needs more muscle to achieve this. And best of all, the extra calorie burning capacity will be there even while you sleep! How's that for a major reward?

No, you certainly don't have to worry about bulking up too much with strength training exercise a few times a week. That only happens to folks following a really intense weight lifting program. You also don't need an expensive Weider home gym or dumbells. You can use simple resistance bands to start with. These don't cost much and can be highly effective.

The benefits? How about revving up your metabolism, crunching more calories in the process, preventing osteoporosis, helping to prevent weight gain, improved sleep quality and improving your heart health? Not a bad list for a start! You will also feel much better about yourself - another huge plus.

Just remember that if you are very unfit or if you have any ailment, you need to speak to your doctor before tackling strength training.

Top Diet Myth 7 - Lose Weight By Replacing Meals With Liquid Diets

This is one that unfortunately causes many folks to gain back more weight than they managed to lose in the first place! Why is this? Liquid diets simply don't help you to discover how to put together a more healthy nutrition plan. It is impossible to stay on a liquid diet for any length of time. We need real, aromatic, wholesome food. We need to taste it, to smell it and to experience the textures.

Liquid diets are typically very low in calories. Again your body will get the signal that it needs to slow down to a starvation mode. There goes your metabolism... The result? As soon as you start to eat normally, you will find that the pounds simply pile back on and you will be back to square one.

Top Diet Myth 8 - All White Foods Are Bad For You

This is not true. You need to make sure that your eating plan includes foods of every color. What is crucial is to keep balance and moderation in mind. This is much more important than judging foods by its color alone. The more colorful your plate is, the better your nutrient balance. But you need some white stuff as well.

The same goes for the debate about brown sugar vs white sugar. In most instances, brown sugar is simply white sugar with added molasses. It does come with a teeny bit of extra minerals, but not in amounts that would make any difference to your health. As far as the calorie count is concerned, it is more or less the same for white and brown sugar. So, you can use either one - depending on your preference. But in terms of health benefits, brown sugar isn't better than white sugar.

Top Diet Myth 9 - Fruit Juice Is Bad For You

It is true that a whole fruit will be more filling than juice. It is also more satisfying in terms of crunch or other textures. But pure fruit juice isn't bad as such. The main thing is that it is high in sugar, so it is better to limit the quantity you take in. In addition, it is a good idea to dilute it with water.

Make sure that what you buy is pure juice and not a cheaper juice drink loaded with extra sugar, preservatives or colorants. Fruit juice is still way better than soda pop in terms of your health. But the best option remains vegetable juice recipes (perhaps combined with a fruit such as an apple)!

Top Diet Myth 10 - Remove Every Ounce Of Sugar From Your Diet

My mantra is that nothing should be a total no-no. The minute you add that label to a foodstuff, you are in the process of creating a humongous craving for it! So, accept that you are going to get some sugar in and that is okay. Limit your intake of added sugar where possible, however. For instance, by choosing canned fruit in juice, rather than a sugary syrup, you can still enjoy it as a treat! But don't label sugar as being 'bad' for you as such.

What you do want to avoid is products with the words 'high fructose corn syrup' or 'corn sugar' on the packaging. This is a manmade sweetener that gets bad press in general.

You have now hopefully succeeded in deleting 10 diet myths from your 'to-don't' list! I trust that you have enjoyed this 'How To Lose Weight Without A Diet' series as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I hope it will be of benefit to you and that it will help you to eat well while taking care of your own health and that of your family.

From the Juicing For Health desk of Rika Susan

How To Lose Weight Without a Diet: Tip 1 | Tip 2 | Tip 3
Tip 4 | Tip 5 | Tip 6 | Tip 7 | Tip 8 | Tip 9 | Tip 10a | Tip 10b

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