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Jack Lalanne Juicer - Jack's Juicers Twist And Squeeze Every Last Drop From Life

The Jack Lalanne Juicer collection, including the Power Juicer, is a perfect example of the philosophy of the legend after whom it is named. Jack Lalanne aged 91, still believes in using every ounce of life-juice to the full. He refuses to waste a single drop, and insists that Jack Lalanne Juicers do the same.

The Jack Lalanne Juicer clearly has no choice, but to follow Jack's credo to the letter. It does so, by extracting more juice from the produce you feed it, than many of the higher-priced juice extractors. Whether your are looking at the Power Express Jack Lalanne Juicer, or the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Elite, the Jack Lalanne zest is clearly visible in the speed with which they greedily gobble up the goodies via generously sized chutes.

This is more or less the only difference between Jack Lalanne and his juicers: he believes in doing things chop-chop, but the Jack Lalanne Juicer accept most produce whole. Jack compensated for this small discrepancy however, by introducing the Jack Lalanne Power Chopper to complement the range of Jack Lalanne Juicers. This appliance gives new meaning to the term cutting-edge technology!

Over the years, interviewers have come to know Jack Lalanne as so active that he will have your head spinning almost as fast as the rpm's of the patented centrifugal design of the Jack Lalanne Juicer. Automatic pulp ejection makes time-saving continuous juicing possible. The pulp left in a Jack Lalanne Juicer is as dry as Jack Lalanne's humor.

The Jack Lalanne Juicer comes with pulp collectors the size of the heart of Jack, the man. BIG! Jack Lalanne believes in power and performance. The Jack Lalanne Juicer supplies this in abundance. The motor runs as smoothly as Jack Lalanne's well-oiled joints. The stainless steel blades are as sharp as this guy will still be in the event of the next Jack Lalanne birthday.

With a Jack Lalanne Juicer, heat generation is limited, leaving you with a concentrated nutrient-mix. Enzyme, vitamin, and mineral retention is maximized. You may even be tempted to cock a snook at the benefit of noni juice, when you discover the health benefit of vegetable juice recipes, and valuable vegetable nutrition facts.

Give your imagination free reign and experience the health benefit of grape juice, richly-colored pomegranate juice benefits, and the health benefit of carrot juice. Use your Jack Lalanne Juicer to experiment with beet juice benefits. Utilize the benefit of lemon juice as a preservative. Prune juice benefits, and the well-known lycopene health benefit of tomato juice are within your reach with a Jack Lalanne Juicer in your kitchen. The benefit of celery juice is as legendary as Jack Lalanne himself. Employ the benefit of cabbage juice for the digestive system.

These power-juices pour from the spout of a Jack Lalanne Juicer as strongly as the Jacl Lalanne vigor and energy has flowed through the years.

Jack Lalanne Juicers become the Jack Lalanne juicier juicers, with the advent of the new Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Elite! You are no longer limited to juicing fruit and vegetables. Making milk from soybeans, nuts, and grains is a cinch. The Jack Lalanne Juicer recipe book will enlighten you about the many ways to use this pulp. Spreads and dips, breads and muffins, or soups are just a few of the options available to you.

Cleaning any juicer is a chore to a lesser or a greater extent. A Jack Lalanne Juicer is no exception. For the most part, a quick rinse will do, and even though there are many components, this doesn't have to be too time-consuming. In most cases, the parts are dishwasher safe. Just don't try to wash the base where the motor resides! Even the legendary Jack Lalanne won't outlive that kind of treatment...!

Jack Lalanne Juicers come with a concise and clear manual, which are definitely not the length any Jack Lalanne biography will have to be! The power juicer offers a limited motor warranty. The one area of criticism often heard, is that the juicer components are not guaranteed for a lengthy period. However, if they remain in working condition for only a fraction of the life span of the juicer's namesake, you have nothing to worry about.

Once the Jack Lalanne Juicer or Power Juicer Elite has revved you up, healthy exercise is a must. The available range of Jack Lalanne videos will be pure entertainment. Get to work on the Jack Lalanne exercise programs, and don't be surprised if the renowned Jack Lalane fitness shames you into submission!

Let's hope that there will be many more Jack Lalanne birthdays! In the meantime, go to the produce market, and prepare yourself to catch the vibe of a Jack Lalane Juicer!

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