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15 Easy Juicing For Health Tips. Making Friends With Your New Juicer!

Juicing for health Image: artemisphoto / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Are you still new to juicing? Do you find the whole process perhaps a bit intimidating? Do you feel somewhat lost when it comes to making the best use of your brand new juicing machine? Don't worry, I know that feeling well. We all started there! Let's see if I can help you with a few quick and easy juicing for health tips to start you off on your journey...

May I let you in on a little secret? I had to clean some major spills when I was first introduced to juicing! I somehow managed to forget to make sure that the juice jug was in its proper place before starting to feed the juicer! So, I had red beet juice spouting all over the counter and floor. Can you imagine the mess? Well, after two or three major mishaps, I guess one learns...

On a side note...

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15 Of My Easy Juicing For Health Tips

Cold juice tastes better than lukewarm juice. It also retains more of the vital nutrients. So, take your vegetables from the fridge right before you start. You can also add some crushed ice to your juices.

Don't start out with a whole bunch of strange tastes. Go for your favorite veggies at first. Mix fruits and veggies to get the best tasting juices. You can slowly experiment with new stuff over time. As you progress, it is a good idea to reduce the fruits and focus mainly on veggies, as they are usually lower in sugar.

How about juicing recipes for kids? Kids may take some time to get used to veggie juice. A good way to introduce them to it, is to add some to their favorite smoothies. You can increase the veggie juice content every time. It also helps if they come up with their own combinations at first.

Try to cover the whole spectrum of colors when choosing vegetables. Remember B-GROW when picking colors (Blue/purple fruit and veggies, Greens, Reds, Orange/yellow and Whites all deserve a place in your juices)

The higher the water content of the fruits or vegetables, the better they will perform in your juicer. So, rather keep the papaya and bananas for yummy smoothies!

Leafy greens can be rolled into tight little balls. You can then juice these together with something harder like carrots to get the most juice from the greens.

You can almost totally prevent the machine from clogging up if you remember to switch from the softer produce to the harder stuff, before going back to softer chunks.

Are there particular veggies that you or your kids simply don't like? Try adding a small handful of these to your favorite juices and see if you even notice the difference! I find that this works like a charm and before you know it, you even begin to like those new tastes as well!

Your juicer can save you loads of time if you are really under pressure and simply can't fit in the prep work of a substantial, varied meal. You can make sure that everyone gets their daily share of fresh goodies in a jiffy. You can then just have a simple meal at dinner time. Best of all, you won't have a whole sink full of pots and pans to clean.

Many older folks find that their bodies simply won't manage the whole digestive process so effortlessly any longer. Here juicing can help as well. Fresh juice is taken up very easily by our bodies. The whole digestive process is bypassed in a sense. This can really be of help if your digestive system is compromised in any way. However, if you have any ailment whatsoever, it is always advisable to discuss juicing with your doctor first. By the way, cabbage juice is extremely soothing and healing when it comes to the digestive tract.

If you can't afford to buy organic produce, don't worry about this. Even the good old ordinary stuff will do! Just check that you peel fruits or veggies that have been waxed, to be on the safe side. Wash everything thoroughly with the help of a firm scrub brush that you dedicate for this purpose.

It is not necessary to peel all the produce if the fruits and veggies are healthy looking. Don't peel carrots and apples, for instance. If you are using unwaxed organic cucumber, the peel can be juiced. You need to peel citrus fruits and mango, though. Papaya must also be peeled. Discard carrot greens and rhubarb greens.

Want to make a meal of your juice? How about adding a handful of ground nuts and some shredded coconut to your juice? This will really fill you up for quite a while.

Make sure you drink the juice as soon as possible, to get the most from it. You can read more about storing freshly made juices, if you need to.

Veggie juices and medicine don't mix. Please don't take your meds with fruit or vegetable juice. It can affect the absorption of your medication, so be careful about this.

I hope this helps to give you a bit more confidence. In time you and your juicer will become quite the health team!

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