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8 Crucial Juicing For Weight Loss Tips, Without Fasting

Are you wondering if juicing recipes for weight loss can be of help to you? Are you afraid that you are making mistakes when it comes to juice detox recipes? I often get e-mails from juicing friends, asking questions such as:

  • Why am I so hungry when I try to stick with juicing recipes for weight loss?

  • Why don't I lose weight when juicing? I actually seem to be gaining weight!

  • Is it safe to opt for juice detox recipes for 3 weeks?

  • What should I be juicing for weight loss?
How To Juice For Weight Loss Without Fasting8 Top Juicing For Weight Loss Tips - © M.studio / Dollar Photo Club

What Is My Take On Juice Detox Recipes?

For me, nutrition and health will always be more about balance and common sense, than about finding a quick fix for a problem. I believe that it can be positively dangerous to follow a 2 or 3 week juice detox or fast without medical supervision. It can play absolute havoc with your blood sugar, for instance.

On a side note...

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It won't surprise me if you get hungry and struggle with cravings for solid food. We have been made to enjoy foods that come with mouth-watering aromas and flavors, a variety of textures and heavenly tastes. We can get all of this in a healthy way. We really don't need to deprive or punish ourselves, even if we have to lose weight.

Just imagine your body asking itself: 'Where is that yummy, chewy food I have always enjoyed so much?'.That is just where a craving starts...

8 Top Tips For Making The Most Of Juicing Recipes For Weight Loss

Incorporate your juicing recipes into a healthy overall nutrition plan, rather than to use it on its own as a fast or as a juice detox. I do sometimes enjoy a glass of juice or a yummy smoothie recipe if I don't feel like eating, but not for days on end.

Remember that your juice also comes with a calorie count. If you eat your normal quota and just add drinking juice, you are sure to gain weight. You have to cut back somewhere in order to benefit from juicing recipes for weight loss.

It is a good idea to have your glass of juice about 20 minutes before your main meal. That will fill you up and should help you to be less ravenous when you get to the dinner table.

Make sure that the rest of your eating habits are as healthy as possible, by making smart choices when shopping. Opt for one-ingredient foods, such as veggies, fruits, nuts, eggs, grass-fed meat sources, etc. Make processed foods a firm no-no when you are shopping - these are all those things with long lists of ingredients you can't understand or recognize. Sure, this won't give you an instant fix for weight issues, but it is a plan you can stay on for life.

If you really want to (and you know that you are healthy and don't have blood sugar problems), you can try to use some juice detox recipes for a day or two, but don't stretch this to a few weeks without medical supervision.

Try to use a wide variety of veggies in your juicing recipes. To use mainly fruits will give you too much in terms of sugar.

Try to drink the juice as soon as possible after you have made it, to get the most from it. I know this sometimes poses a practical problem when it comes to your work schedule or your family commitments. However, you are sure to lose some of the live enzymes, etc. in the juice if the standing time is too long.

Always add extra activity and exercise to your to-do list if you need to lose weight. This remains one of the most crucial aspects, as it is the only way to really rev up your metabolism. If you include strength building exercises with dumbbells for instance, you will be adding lean muscle. This in turn burns more calories - EVEN WHILE YOU SLEEP! For more about this, you can go back to my recent 10-part series on How To Lose Weight Without A Diet?

If you have any ailment or are very unfit, please speak to your doctor before using juicing recipes for weight loss. The same goes for starting an exercise program. This is very important to remember.

Also see these free juicing recipes for weight loss, plus a smoothie recipe you can enjoy as a snack or even use as a meal replacement from time to time.

Not yet on my juicing-for-health list? You can join here to get free juicing e-books, regular juicing recipes, plus weight loss and nutrition tips.

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