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L Equip 221 Juicer - Beauty Boost And Body-Lift With Lequip Juicer?

Lequip Juicer competence is such that it will complement muscle fitness and health efforts in style and with efficiency.If you look after your body with long sessions on a treadmill or elliptical trainer, the juice making machines in the Lequip Juicer collection deserve a place in your kitchen. Muscle fitness can only be sustained if you care for yourself from the inside out, and here the Lequip Juicer is equipped to play a major role.

By adding a Lequip Juicer to your health collection, you may just ensure a healthy functioning body for at least as long as the lengthy L'equip warranty! These juicers are designed with a creative eye as far as aesthetics are concerned. The sleek styles make them an asset in any home - if kitchen remodeling is on your agenda, keep these beauties in mind!

Lequip Juicers are well-known for a whole range of small kitchen appliances, including the Lequip 221 Juicer, the Lequip 110.5 Mini Model, and the Lequip Food Processor Visor - this is more of a health and nutrition center than a simple juice extractor.

The centrifugal-ejection Lequip 221 Juicer will give you a spinning class you won't believe. It will leave you dizzy with exhilaration - especially when you look at the full 12 year warranty! This semi-commercial juicer has a powerful 3/4 HP motor under the hood. The durable stainless steel bowl, blade and basket of the Lequip Juicer will keep you on your toes for years to come.

The Lequip 221 Juicer may be a hot-looking machine, but it doesn't create so much heat that it destroys the precious produce nutrients. Its 3540 rpm is enough to ensure a dry pulp, without damaging the juice. In addition, this juice making machine also delivers a product that is clear, smooth and almost foam-free, This characteristic of the L'equip Juicer ensures that kids enjoy its product.

While you are attending to muscle fitness and bulking up, the Lequip 221 Juicer also requires you to look into bulk purchasing of vegetable and fruit baskets. Its super-charged feed chute wolves down huge chunks of fresh produce during a workout. No need for dainty moves with a vegetable slicer with this greedy juice monster in the kitchen! The Lequip Juicer juices anything from carrots to spinach, beetroot to cabbage, kale to melon - all without working up a sweat.

Be adventurous! Indulge in a killer ab workout with refreshing, taste-sensations and juice combinations from your L'equip juice extractor.

If you are looking for a quality workout, the Lequip 221 Juicer gives it to you every time. If all you care about is to see superb results, this vegetable juice extractor offers it in a superior nutrient-rich product and its fit-for-life diet and nutrition nectar. The Lequip Juicer also gives you a cardio workout with a difference, by promoting heart health and healthy cholesterol levels with its output.

While you are steadily ridding yourself of flab on the exercise treadmill or elliptical trainer, the Lequip Juicer gets rid of pulp with the help of a unique bag clamping system or holder. This system enables you to dump huge piles of pulp without the need to empty a pulp basket. Any old plastic bag can report for pulp collection duty, performing this function with finesse.

Perhaps a Lequip Juicer is so helpful in the cardio and aerobic capacity department, as a result of its unique anti-clogging design. Innovative engineering throws the pulp upward and down, through the rear of the juicer. Sounds like a performance our bodies should emulate for improved heart health and clear veins! The efficiency of the Lequip Juicer's action is further enhanced with a computer controlled motor, which adjusts the power as needed for softer and tougher produce.

While you are sweating it out on the elliptical cross trainer, battling to keep up with its muscle fitness demands, your irrepressible Lequip Juicer coolly and calmly practices continuous juicing without the slightest sign of getting out of breath.

When you hit the shower after your workout, the Lequip Juicer will enjoy a dip in the dishwasher's top rack - that is every component, except for the motor base. Even a hand-rinse takes only a few minutes.

Another health workout option is provided by the Lequip 110.5 Juicer Mini Pulp Ejector Model. This small juicer is ideal where there is limited space. This is also one of the best juicers to choose if this is your first juicing exercise experience.

If you enjoy working the complete circuit in the gym, you will probably develop an affinity for the variety offered by the Lequip Food Processor Visor 509, with its six year warranty.

As in the best elliptical trainers featuring both forward and reverse modes, the Lequip Food Processor has a built-in reverse. This prevents clogging. This Lequip Juicer can even be turned into a competent wheatgrass juicer.

Also popular is the Lequip Orange Juicer Model 206. By now you probably see yourself as a 10 on the cute and firm-figured scale, and as a candidate for the cover of muscle and fitness mag, after all that sweat equity to improve muscle fitness! However, you will get serious competition in the good-looks department from this little Lequip Juicer.

The compact L'equip citrus juicer will look great on any kitchen counter. And it packs a remarkable punch, challenging the brawn you have been building in the gym.

This little orange juicer has muscles of stainless steel. The innovative computer controlled motor automatically adjusts the speed and pressure of the reamer cone as needed. This L'equip Juicer system kicks in when pressure is applied on the fruit, and switches off when the fruit is lifted.

You may not be able to work two treadmills simultaneously, but the seemingly ambidextrous Lequip Juicer easily handles two glasses of juice at the same time, thanks to two very cheeky-looking spouts!

As in treadmills and elliptical trainers with built-in fans, the motor of the Lequip Orange Juicer has thermal protection to prevent overheating. Again, the warranty runs for a full 12 years. Cleaning is effortless. A dishwasher comes in handy during the process. Your Lequip Juicer even comes with a convenient spout brush.

Your legs and feet, which probably feel like rubber after your lengthy workout, will go well with the rubber feet of the Lequip Juicer. These keep vibration and walking to a minimum. Other kitchen entertainment available from this company, is the LEquip 228 RPM Blender and LEquip Dehydrator. The 228 L'Equip Blenders are known for their powerful action and precision speed control.

So, plan your muscle fitness workout by browsing the pages at our sister site Best-Gym-Equipment.com, while sipping your energizing Lequip Juicer cocktail.

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