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10 Easy Tips For Lowering Cholesterol Without Medication

Image: winnond / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
I hope you enjoyed the previous 7 tips in "How To Raise HDL Cholesterol Naturally". As promised, I am giving you another 10 easy tips for lowering cholesterol without medication.

Just remember that this isn't medical advice. You need to consult your doctor for a cholesterol test and then follow his or her advice, which may include medication if necessary. With or without medication, these are easy-to-follow pointers to keep in mind when shopping or while preparing meals.

Tips For Lowering Cholesterol Without Medication

1. Clever Carbohydrates

Opt for vegetables, fruits and whole grain products. Avoid refined white flour. Fat-free or low-fat dairy can also be included. The secret is to aim for foods that have a low glycemic index, in other words foods that won't cause your blood sugar to spike and then drop. Low Glycemic foods keep you full for longer periods and also help to maintain your blood sugar at a more stable level.

In addition, research has shown that consuming low Glycemic foods may be beneficial in terms of your cholesterol. So, learning more about low Glycemic foods is a good idea.

2. Use Of Oils

Concentrate on olive, canola or grapeseed oils. You can also include flaxseed oil, sesame oil, walnut oil and peanut oil. All oils are high in calories, so these should be used in small to moderate quantities.

3. Skip Saturated Fats

These include red meats, whole-milk items and full-fat hard cheeses. Organ meats can be particularly bad in this regard.

4. Trans Fats Trap

Trans fats can raise LDL, while lowering HDL - exactly the opposite of what you want! Look for words such as 'trans fats' , 'partially hydrogenated oil' or 'hydrogenated oil' on food labels and toss these. Yes, unfortunately this means cookies, chips, donuts and other commercially baked goodies, as well as fried foods such as french fries. But you can try these healthy snacks for weight loss instead.

5. Fish

Have fish on the menu 2 to 3 times a week. If possible, go for fatty fish such as tuna, sardines or salmon. These are rich in good-for-your-heart Omega-3 fatty acids.

Did You Know?
Did you know that, while a variety of specific nutrients can help to lower your cholesterol naturally, the real secret lies in combining these nutrients in exactly the right way. You can read more here.

6. Legumes

Regularly eating peas, dry beans and lentils may also help towards lowering cholesterol without medication.

7. Venison And Ostrich

If you have a red meat fan in your family, you can learn to prepare delicious meals made with venison or ostrich! These are relatively low in fat. If you prepare them in a healthy way, they can be included in your nutrition plan.

8. Fat-Free Dairy

Opt for fat-free yogurt, cottage cheese and fat-free milk. Simply dilute whole-milk gradually and before you know it, you will be used to the taste of fat-free milk.

9. Oats

Try cooked oats or a fat-free muesli with raw oats for breakfast. Oats have what is called a high soluble fiber content and is known to help with lowering cholesterol without medication.

10. Omega-3 Enriched Eggs

These can now help to make eggs more cholesterol friendly. Look for eggs labeled in this way, even if they cost a bit more.

It is unfortunate that there often is a genetic factor involved in high cholesterol readings. However, with a bit of know-how we can all implement some simple steps to help us to raise HDL cholesterol naturally. Lowering cholesterol without medication may not be an option for you, but even it that is the case, it is still a good idea to take note of the above tips and ideas.

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