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List Of Fruits And Vegetables High In Vitamin C, Plus Free Recipes!

Lately I have been rediscovering the health benefits of vitamin C, as well as all the delicious fruits and vegetables that are high in this vital vitamin! In fact, it can be quite painless to make sure that you and your loved ones get enough vitamin C every day.

And don't think this will come mainly from citrus fruits. The list of fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C is long and varied, not to mention yummy!

Let's take a quick look at some of the benefits of a diet rich in vitamin C, as well as some of nature's top sources available for our use. I will also be sharing a vitamin C smoothie and juicing recipe with you.

Crucial Health Benefits Of Vitamin C


An orange a day keeps the doctor away? Maybe not quite, but they can sure help! Studies seem to indicate that vitamin C may not really help to prevent colds, unless your immune system has been compromised in some way. However, if you do get a cold and are adding enough fresh goodies that are rich in vitamin C, it can have a beneficial effect on the severity and duration of a cold.

On a side note...

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Iron Absorption

It is well-known that vitamin C can help your body to rev up its iron absorption. If you hear from your doctor that you need to increase the level of iron in your body, it is a good idea to make sure that you get more vitamin C at the same time.

Blood Pressure

Increased intake of vitamin C can play a role in what is called vasodilation in your body. This has to do with the way blood vessels relax. This may help to lower blood pressure, helping with cardiovascular health in the long run.


It is important to become aware of the fact that folks who smoke or who are exposed to smoke may have a lower level of vitamin C than normal. If this is the case with you, you need to increase your intake of foods high in vitamin C.

Free Radicals

We all hear about the importance of antioxidants. Vitamin C is one of them. Others include nutrients like beta-carotene and vitamin E. These are all substances that can play a protective role in your body. These 'good guys' can help to prevent damage to cells on the one hand, while helping to repair existing damage on the other.

Much of this damage is due to the 'bad guys' or free radicals having a good old time in your body. If the free radicals are allowed to roam freely, the damage they do may eventually lead to things like cardiovascular disease, cancer or diabetes. Free radicals also play a role in aging. However, you can give them quite a pounding with the right nutrients. Vitamin C is a very important one to keep in mind!

Body Tissue Builder

Vitamin C is also like a repairman when it comes to all sorts of body tissue, from your cartilage to your teeth, bones and skin. As vitamin C plays a role in the production of collagen, you can just imagine how important it is for building and maintaining healthy body tissue in general.

Inflammation Fighter

A variety of diseases have been linked to inflammation present in the body over a long period of time, including heart disease and diabetes. Many common nutrients can help you to lower inflammation. Vitamin C in particular has been shown to be helpful in this regard.

Remember that Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin. This means that your body doesn't store it. You have to replenish your supply daily. Here is a list of fruits and vegetables than can help you to do this.

11 Fruits High In Vitamin C

1. Kiwifruit
2. Guava
3. Acerola Cherries
4. Papaya
5. Strawberries
6. Cantaloupe
7. Raspberries
8. Cranberries
9. Watermelon
10. Mango
11. Citrus, such as oranges

11 Vegetables High In Vitamin C

1. Yellow bell pepper (highest of the bell peppers, but all are rich in vitamin C)
2. Sweet potatoes
3. Tomatoes (actually a fruit, not a veggie!)
4. Brussels Sprouts
5. Broccoli
6. Spinach
7. Kale
8. Cabbage
9. Cauliflower
10. Watercress
11. Squash, such as zucchini

5 Herbs High In Vitamin C

1. Parsley
2. Cilantro
3. Thyme
4. Chives
5. Basil

Recipes With Fruits And Vegetables High In Vitamin C

'Good Guy' C-Juice

3 Firm red guavas
1 Firm yellow pear
1 Red apple
3 Oranges or blood oranges
1 Sweet potato
1 Green kiwifruit
Handful strawberries
2 Brussels sprouts
2 Kale leaves
1/2 to 1 Yellow bell pepper, according to taste
1/4 Lemon


  1. Wash all the ingredients thoroughly
  2. Halve the guavas
  3. Quarter pear and apple. Don't peel, but discard seeds
  4. Peel oranges, discarding skin. Leave as much white pith as you can
  5. Peel sweet potato thinly and cut into chunks
  6. Peel and halve kiwifruit, discarding skin
  7. Remove stems or leaves from strawberries
  8. Bunch up the kale leaves before juicing
  9. Quarter the pepper
  10. Peel the lemon, discarding the skin
  11. Juice, alternating softer and harder items
  12. Pour the juice over crushed ice and enjoy!
Note: If you don't have all the ingredients, don't worry. You can still try it with those you have on hand!

Servings: 2 to 3 Medium

On a side note...

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Taste-The-Tropics Smoothie

1/2 to 1 Papaya (wash before cutting)
5 Firm red guavas
2 Frozen bananas
1 Mango
3 Kale leaves
1 Cup low fat yogurt or milk


  1. Wash all the ingredients before cutting
  2. Peel papaya, discarding skin. Cut flesh into chunks
  3. Peel and cut mango as you would normally do. Discard skin and pit
  4. Pour yogurt or milk into blender
  5. Add the frozen bananas and blend well
  6. Add the rest of the fruit a bit at a time, blending as you go
  7. Pour into tall glasses and enjoy!
Note: For a special treat, you can replace some of the yogurt with ice cream!

Servings: 2 to 3 Medium

I hope the recipes and the lists of fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C have given you what you need to help the 'good guys' (antioxidants) to get the upper hand! Here's to healthier living!

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