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Samson Juicer

Samson Juicer - Geared To Grind Goodness From Wheat Grass With Samson Juicers

A Samson Juicer is a super-natural juicing phenomenon that quietly saps all the goodness hidden in the green stuff. If your ears protest at the thought of centrifugal juicer banter, you will feel quite at home with a Samson Juicer in the kitchen to supplement your family's diet and nutrition program. Whether you choose the Single Gear Samson Juicer GB-9001 (the improved Oscar Juicer), or the Samson Twin Juicer KPE-1301, you will get value for money and nutrient-preserving power. The Samson KPE-1301 Juicer is also known as the Samson Ultra Juicer or the Samson Kempo Juicer of Korea.

A Samson Juicer spews jumbo amounts of juice rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The superior juice quality is largely due to the low rpm's of the machine, which limits oxidation. The Kempo Juicer or Samson Ultra Twin Gear Juicer KPE-1301 sports a unique 3-way Bio Ceramic Magnetic System as part of the gear get-up that adds to the juice quality.

With fresh vegetable juice, the longer the standing time, the greater the nutrient loss. However, with a KPE-1301 Ultra Samson Juicer at hand, preserving the juice for a while is much easier. The Magnetic System of this Samson Juicer enables you to maintain the juice quality for up to 72 hours.

Whereas centrifugal juicers either launch protests when leafy greens are shoved down their greedy throats, or become stingy and produce only a measly few drops of green juice, the Samson Juicer is fully geared to deal with greens. In fact, this juicer relishes the stuff, and even enjoys giving you a taste of wheat grass juice.

One drawback in the Samson Juicer, is that the feeding chute is on the small side. A Breville Juicer is enough of a loud-mouth to have room for whole fruits and veggies. With a Samson Juicer, some cutting will be necessary to prepare fruits and vegetables for the juicing process. This juice machine comes with a food pusher equipped with a safety ring to protect the gear system.

With a centrifugal juicer such as the Breville Juicer or the Acme Juicer, you have just that: a juicer. The benefit of a single gear or a twin gear juicer such as the Samson Juicer is that it often comes with a host of other functions. Your Samson Juicer becomes a mincer, grinder, a fabulous food mill, and a pasta maker extraordinaire. You will also have a frozen desert chef at your service. In fact, the Samson GB-9001 is known as the 6-in-1 Samson Juicer.

If a vegetable juicer is too complicated, you are unlikely to use it daily. The Samson Juicer GB-9001 is a simple juicer that is a cinch to clean. For a tougher, more stringy vegetable job, Kempo Samson Juicer reviews point out that the Ultra KPE-1301 has more of a punch. Unfortunately the Samson Juicer components don't enjoy a spin in the dishwasher after use.

Just remember that the Samson Mixer, Samson Powered Mixer or blender doesn't have the same functionality as a juicer. Only a vegetable juicer has the function and ability to extract juice and leave a dry pulp.

Warranties on the Samson Juicers are adequate. The Samson Juicer GB-9001, or Matstone Oscar Samson Juicer, is covered for a full 10 years. Labor and parts have a warranty of 5 years. The KPE-1301 Ultra Samson Juicer's coverage is for 10 years on both the motor and Samson parts.

The Samson is a mid-range juicer. It isn't seen as a discount juicer, but the Samson is a fairly cheap juicer compared to some of the other models.

Samson nutrition is superb. If you are keen to maximize the health benefit of juicing vegetables and fruit, the Samson Juicer is a good choice.

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