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"I was very pleased with the quick response from Rika and her extensive knowledge about greens and how to make good tasting juices. She was able to tell me what greens are toxic also; I did not know that carrot greens were toxic! This is really important to a newbie such as myself. I look forward to visiting the site in the future as I juice my way to good health." - Gail S.

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Smart Food Buying - How To Reduce The Fat Content Of What You Are Eating

Note from Rika: Mike Geary's popular 'The Fat Burning Kitchen' comes packed with more tips and tricks for healthy eating. Click here to find out more...!

Did you know that making small changes in the way in which you buy foods, can make a huge difference in your fat intake? In the process you will also be teaching your kids the same good habits. What a legacy!

Today I want to give you a few quick tips about reducing your fat intake through smart food buying.

Your family may be eating an enormous quantity of hidden fat if you regularly buy biltong, creamed soups, rich salad dressings, muffins, croissants, crisps, gravy, coffee creamers, quiches and croutons. Even health bars can be packed with fat. By simply being aware of hidden fats, you can consciously choose lower fat options.

Start to read food labels and teach your kids to do the same. Once they discover how this works, they will love searching for healthier alternatives. Your best bet is to opt for foods with a fat content that is lower than 3g per 100g. If trans fats or hydrogenated fats are listed, try to find a healthier, smarter choice.

Processed foods are mostly bad news when it comes to fat content. This category includes sauces, all those 'yummy' pastries and easy prep processed meats. You can often find lower fat versions if you search around.

Tinned foods are easy to prepare in today's fast-paced world. But make sure that you don't buy tinned products in oil or salty brine. Look for water or tomato on the label, rather than the other two options.

When visiting the meat counter, go for lean pork, chicken or turkey. Lean cuts of grass-fed beef can also be fine, but reduce your meals made with red meat.

Any fried foods, such as the convenience batter-covered fish sticks or crumbed chicken can be very high in fat, especially trans fats. This is a no-no to avoid if at all possible.

When choosing your dairy products, take the low-fat or fat-free varieties. Some of them are really tasty and you won't be adding a whole lot of guilt!

Prepare veggies in a healthy way. Don't let the juicer gather dust in the cupboard! A grilled vegetable platter, sprinkled with healthy olive oil and seasoning, is the 'in' thing. Fill your plate with this first to leave less room for meats and other fattening options.

It may take you a while to swap your regular shopping list for a healthier one, but every little step takes you closer to your goal. Take this on as a challenge. You can even turn it into a competition, by getting the kids to see who can find the healthiest foods... Enjoy!

From the juicing for health desk of Rika Susan

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