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Sugar Cane Juicer

Sugar Cane Juicer - Get Your Juicer Desserts With This Sweet Juice Machine

A drink from a sugar cane juicer may be just what the dentist ordered! Astonishingly the juice from a sugar cane juicer has healing properties that play an active role in preventing tooth decay and promoting wound healing! On the other hand, chewing on the stuff will undo all the good of the juice, and will very likely find you in the dentist's office with a very bad toothache. Not the sweetest of thoughts...

In fact, the syrup flowing from a sugar cane juicer contains much less sugar than a can of soda. The taste is slightly sweeter than orange juice. It almost sounds as if the juice will fit nicely into a natural weight loss program! Growing evidence also points to immune strengthening factors in a sugar cane juicer's sweet nectar. The extract from this remarkable juice making machine also produces a soothing tonic for the digestive system, with even more of a healing effect if it is mixed with a tad of ginger.

So, if you've had your veggie cocktail from your juice extractor, you are welcome to enjoy dessert in the form of sugarcane juice surprise.

Today's sugar cane juicer is nothing like its forerunner, the trapiche. The traditional wooden roller press, a tool used by the people of panama and Columbia, produced the same sweet, delicate-tasting juice, but with a bit more elbow-grease...

To produce the famous Cuban drink, guarapo, a guarapo press is used. This liquid is in fact pure sugar cane juice.

The juice from a sugar cane juicer is an unrefined form of carbohydrates, which is really good for you! With its beautiful, rich color, its softness on the palate, and its stable constitution, it is easier to handle than vegetable juice! The constant watering while growing sugar cane, ensures the correct sugar level in the sugar cane plant - the aim is to keep the sugar percentage as low as possible.

Don't try to look for a commercial juicer, if you want a sugar cane juicer. These juice machines are extremely expensive. At the same time, you will have to look hard to find a good household sugar cane juicer. Sugar cane in India has led to the manufacturing of a table top sugar cane press. These are also available in countries like Malaysia and Singapore, where sugarcane juice is reckoned as a delicacy.

Entrepreneurs have grabbed hold of the opportunity a sugar cane juice extractor provides, and sell organic sugarcane juice in flavors like, ginger, raspberry, and lime. These additions enhance the taste of the sugar cane juice beautifully.

The robust Omega 8005 Juicer is sometimes used as a sugar cane juicer, although this necessitates the removal of the tough outer rind or husk. This is not a job to take on if patience isn't one of your virtues! It is also recommended that you remove the juice nozzle first.

If carefully handled, the VISOR Juicer by L'Equip may also be up to an occasional bout with sugar cane. In both these cases however, you have to decide if your craving for sugar cane juice justifies the possible damage to your precious vegetable juice extractor.

A sugar cane juicer called the MCI-170, in the commercial-juicer category (and with a price-tag to match!) is available. This juice machine features a stainless steel cabinet, body and juice drum. The unit also comes with a drink tap. This sugar cane juicer devours around 170 canes per hour. It is available in both gas and electric. The motor of the electric model is a respectable 1.5 HP.

With dimensions of 16" x 18" x 22", and a weight of 190 pounds, this is a strapping sugar cane juicer, not made for the kitchen counter. A slightly more svelte model is available in the MCI-60, which is usually famished enough to dispense with 60 canes in 60 minutes.

Zama Enterprises has a countertop model, the Sugar Cane Juice Extractor 2000, also featuring a stainless steel body and drums. This juice machine is easy to operate and has a removable front cover that helps you to take care of cleaning in a jiffy. Unfortunately this machine is still too hefty for use in a domestic kitchen.

The Abamaster Sugar Cane Juicer SCJE, or sugar cane crusher, comes with a robust 1/2 HP motor. This is an extremely durable machine, is easy to use, and features a sturdy stainless steel body and drums. The reduced gear design facilitates maximum torque.

For the time being, it is perhaps better to manage your diet and nutrition program with the help of an ordinary vegetable juicer, such as the Breville Juicer, Acme Juicer , or Champion Juicer.

But it would be nice to nonchalantly present visiting wheatgrass juicer fundis with a glass of fresh, sparkling juice from your very own sugar cane juicer!

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