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"I was very pleased with the quick response from Rika and her extensive knowledge about greens and how to make good tasting juices. She was able to tell me what greens are toxic also; I did not know that carrot greens were toxic! This is really important to a newbie such as myself. I look forward to visiting the site in the future as I juice my way to good health." - Gail S.

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The Juicemans Power Of Juicing - Juiced-Up Juiceman's Juicing Power Chronicle

The Juicemans Power Of Juicing
Author: Jay Kordich
Hardcover May 1992 286 pages
Also available in a paperback edition

In 'The Juicemans Power Of Juicing' chronicle you get a powerful peek into the life of Mr. Juiceman Pro himself. J Kordich entertains you with more than 100 Juiceman recipes for the ultimate juicing experience. Apart from Juiceman juicer recipes, 'The Juicemans Power Of Juicing' is chockfull of information about the health benefit of juicing, the different juicing methods, and diet and nutrition in general. This is your chance to experience the Juicemans juicing power in your everyday life!

The Juicemans Power Of Juicing And Ailment Advice

'The Juicemans Power Of Juicing', is a natural cure book, explaining how common ailments can be improved with the use of fresh juice from your juice extractor. Whether your concern is heart health, a healthy cholesterol level, or finding a natural weight loss solution, you will find all the useful, juicy tidbits in the chronicle of the Juiceman.

After a taste of 'The Juicemans Power Of Juicing', you will probably never see a fruit basket through the same eyes again! If you are interested in the healing and therapeutic use of your juice extractor, any chronicle of the Juiceman will be a perfect fit. Thankfully the balanced Juiceman 's chronicle is careful not to proclaim juicing as the a cure-all and a quick fix.

The Juiceman 's Power Of Juicing And Top-Class Juicing Tips

'The Juicemans Power Of Juicing' is a juicing book that brings you a wealth of ideas for utilizing your vegetable juice extractor with efficiency and enthusiasm, no matter which brand you favor. It is an informative book for the novice, as well as avid juicers. The Juiceman's power-juicing chronicle will point you in the right direction, and stimulate you to come up with your own, unique juicing recipes.

So unlock the Juicemans juicing power, and get a juice buzz going in your Juiceman Juicer Breville Juicer, Jack Lalane Juicer, Acme Juicer, Lequip, or Champion Juicer.

Juiceman Complete Health Center JMS7 - Luscious Blender Center

Perhaps The Juicemans Power Of Juicing will entice you to get your hands on the Juiceman Complete Health Center JMS7. The versatile Juiceman JMS7 Blender Smoothie Maker will be a popular choice if you have kids! This is a food-processor, meat grinder, chopper, and ice crusher in one. The Juiceman KMS7 Complete Health Center is a Juiceman blender which includes a remnant filter for use as a fruit and vegetable juicer. The Juiceman JMS7 parades a mouth-watering menu of health goodies.

The Juicemans Power Of Juicing For An Elite Juicer Experience

Alternatively, you may prefer the Juiceman ii Elite Juicer, with its 1/2HP motor to help you with 'The Juicemans Power Of Juicing' recipe repertoire. The Juiceman's power-juicer manage even the nutrient-rich skins and rinds with panache. With dual speed control you demolish softer, mushy fruits with the same efficiency as the harder textured produce.

Who knows, your juice extractor adventures, with entertaining anecdotes from J Kordich and Juiceman recipes from 'The Juicemans Power Of Juicing' as your guide, may just become the subject of your own juicy juicing chronicle someday!

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