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WheatGrass Juicer - Tap Into Wheat Grass Nutrition Power With Juice Extractor


Part Two: General Juicers With An Affinity For Wheatgrass

A wheatgrass juicer able to handle a wider range of health care related goodies, offers good value for money. Opt for one of the general juice extractors designed to manage wheat grass as part of their varied diet. These juice machines give you a much wider recipe repertoire than the dedicated electric or manual wheatgrass juicers highlighted in Part One. This strategy also saves you the unnecessary expense of acquiring two separate juice machines.

The Difference Between A Wheatgrass Juicer And A General Juicer

One possible alternative for a wheatgrass juicer is the omnivorous Omega Juicer 8005, with its powerful, yet sedate 80 rpm. Its action pulps the plant fibres to make the nutrients accessible. Then it penetrates the membrane, extracting all the health-giving goodness.

The beauty of the Omega Juicer, is that mealtimes finds it gobbling down the contents of a vegetable and fruit basket, or mincing, chopping and grinding for a variety of healthy recipes. It conjures up nut butters, and an array of tempting treats and healthy recipes not within reach of a wheatgrass juicer. And best of all, this juicer has been designed for maximum nutrient preservation during juicing.

Alternatively consider a twin-gear juice extractor, such as the Green Star GS-3000. Apart from wheatgrass, the unique slow-rotating twin gears makes short shrift of almost any vegetable you may need in your diet and nutrition program, including crisp carrots, tough celery, and leafy greens. The one drawback is that the Green Star juicer isn't one of the easiest vegetable juicers to clean, while many dedicated wheatgrass juicers are quite easy to rinse off.

Three cutting points on the Green Star Juicer GS-3000 cut any stringy fibers into small pieces. This unique design prevents a machine jam. Your ears will also love this juicer, as its operation is nice and quiet. This reassuring fact also confirms that, as in the case of a wheatgrass juicer, nutrients are protected to the maximum. This convenient juice machine offers continuous juicing, and time-saving automatic pulp ejection.

Most centrifugal juicers, such as the Breville Juicer, and Jack Lalanne Juicer, have not been designed to juice wheat grass, and will find this juicing job too tough.

Wheatgrass Juicer Book News

Read all about the wonders of gluten-free wheatgrass in the natural cure book, 'The Wheatgrass Book' by Ann Wigmore. The book details the nutritional properties of wheat grass, the health benefit of wheatgrass juice, growing your own wheat grass, and the use of your wheatgrass juicer. It sounds as if this juice machine should be included in your health insurance plan!

Remember that the juice from your wheatgrass juicer will have quite a pungent flavor, not favored by children. Introduce it gradually, and always combine it with your favorite veggies and fruits to make it more palatable.

Make using a wheatgrass juicer part of your long term health care plan and prosper!


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