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"I was very pleased with the quick response from Rika and her extensive knowledge about greens and how to make good tasting juices. She was able to tell me what greens are toxic also; I did not know that carrot greens were toxic! This is really important to a newbie such as myself. I look forward to visiting the site in the future as I juice my way to good health." - Gail S.

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Are You WheatGrass Side Effects Aware? Family WheatGrass Juice Health Benefits

WheatGrass health benefits get loads of attention, but what about wheatgrass side effects? Are there any? Exactly what possible wheatgrass side effects should you be aware of when you juice?

First of all, while not part of the wheatgrass juice side effects as such, you need to be aware that this is a highly potent juice. It comes with a very, very strong taste. In fact, most folks find the flavor overpowering at first. The exact taste depends on when the wheatgrass is cut in its growth cycle.

If you are experimenting with juicing recipes for kids, steer clear of wheatgrass! This is one 'green' you don't want to add to their juices if you are trying to get them used to juicing for health. Even adults prefer to dilute the stuff with other fruits and veggies, or even to add it to a smoothie recipe to get it palatable.

1. The Most Well-Known Possible WheatGrass Side Effects

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Digestive discomfort, diarrhea or constipation
  • A rash, hives or throat swelling if you are allergic
There may be mold on the green stalks, which can cause wheatgrass side effects for some people. Generally, washing the wheatgrass thoroughly before you juice, should take care of this.

2. WheatGrass Side Effects - A Warning

It is not known if wheatgrass is safe for women who are pregnant or who are feeding a baby. It should also be avoided if you know that you are allergic to wheat or grass. Folks with a gluten intolerance or with celiac disease should discuss the use of wheatgrass juice with their doctor.

It is true that wheatgrass is nutrient-rich. However, many of the health claims made are anecdotal and have not been tested scientifically. So, take your wheatgrass juice with a pinch of salt, so to speak.

And always test very small amounts of juice first to make sure that you won't experience wheatgrass side effects. If you have any ailment, please discuss the use of wheatgrass with your doctor first.

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