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How To Lose Weight Without A Diet Tip 6 - Why Is It Important To Eat Breakfast?

How To Lose Weight Without a Diet: Tip 1 | Tip 2 | Tip 3
Tip 4 | Tip 5 | Tip 6 | Tip 7 | Tip 8 | Tip 9 | Tip 10a | Tip 10b

Note from Rika: For more healthy eating ideas for your family check out this simple, step-by-step system for shopping, cooking and eating the world's healthiest foods.

Today it is time for Tip 6 in my series "How To Lose Weight Without A Diet". A super-easy one for you!

Why is it important to eat breakfast? What to eat for breakfast to lose weight? Am I really telling you to EAT to lose weight? Yes!!! Isn't that great?

Let's first look at why it is important to eat breakfast and then we will tackle the 'what' to eat.

Why Is It Important To Eat Breakfast?

1. Better Appetite Control

One of the main reasons to eat breakfast is that it will actually give you better control over your appetite for the rest of the day! To experience this benefit, you will have to choose the right kind of breakfast, of course. Why is skipping breakfast bad for you? By late morning you will be so hungry that you will eat virtually anything in sight, healthy or unhealthy. You know what I am talking about? That humongous craving that suddenly hits you and cause you to grab the nearest doughnut?

2. Blood Sugar Balance

Another of the benefits of eating breakfast is that it helps to balance your blood sugar. Remember, your body has been 'fasting' in a sense since the previous evening. If you don't break this 'fast', your body will struggle with all kinds of issues related to insulin and blood sugar. This is one sure way of creating an environment for an increase in fat storage, which in turn will lead to weight gain. So, you are not doing your body any favors by skipping breakfast. In fact, this may be the most important meal of the day!

3. Fuel For The Day

A good breakfast gives your body the right kind of fuel for the day. This can help to prevent that late morning energy slump.

4. Metabolism And Fat-Burning Boost

If you have been fasting for around 8 hours, your body might start to think that it needs to get into starvation mode. This means that everything slows down, including your metabolism. Your body will start to go slow on burning calories in the process - the last thing you want if you want to lose weight. This is why it is important to eat breakfast. It gives your body the early morning boost it needs to speed up fat-burning.

5. Keeps Cravings Under Control

Researchers have shown that folks who eat a healthy, substantial breakfast are less likely to struggle with food cravings during the day. Just imagine being able to say 'no' without such a mind and body battle! If you want to know how to lose weight without a diet, eating a good breakfast may be the best thing you can do for your body over time.

6. Keeps The Weight Off

It is also likely that your breakfast boost will help you to maintain your weight over time, or to continue your weight loss if you need to do that. In other words, you are less likely to gain back the weight if you give your body a healthy, varied breakfast in the mornings.

10 Healthy Breakfast Ideas - What To Eat For Breakfast To Lose Weight?

  1. In a hurry? Mix some high fiber breakfast cereal, yogurt, raisins and a handful of nuts in a container you can take to work.

  2. How about healthy oatmeal, topped with a touch of honey, some blueberries and almond slivers?

  3. Eggs are fine in moderation, provided they are not fried in butter or oil. You can scramble an egg and have it on a whole wheat roll or English muffin. Add fresh fruit and low-fat milk to the meal for balance.

  4. A low-fat, low-sugar granola bar can also work if you don't have time to prepare breakfast. Add some fruit and milk for additional nutrients.

  5. Fruits such as berries, strawberries, papaya, apricots and peaches can be combined with low-fat yogurt and nuts for a filling, fiber-rich breakfast. You can add whole wheat toast if you wish.

  6. Whip up a quick smoothie with ingredients such as low-fat yogurt, strawberries, a banana, some pitted, dried prunes for extra fiber, a touch of honey and some ground flax seed. You can also add nuts or raisins. Use your imagination and come up with your own yummy combo.

  7. Peanut or almond butter and banana on whole wheat toast can also work.

  8. Don't spoil your efforts by choosing a high-calorie coffee. Unless you go for black without sugar, you can be adding up to 400 calories with a single coffee, without realizing it!

  9. Another good one is a whole-grain English muffin topped with tomato, low-fat cheese and a boiled egg.

  10. Here's one you can prepare the evening before: Get a to-go container. Fill it with a crunchy red apple, some low-fat cheese wrapped in foil and a small plastic bag with a handful of mixed nuts. You can also add raisins. Add a low-fat chocolate milk drink and you have your on-the-go breakfast!
Beginning to glimpse how to lose weight without a diet? If you skip breakfast, you can be setting yourself up for failure. So plan ahead and get up just 15 minutes or so earlier to make sure you eat something.

Now that you know why it is important to eat breakfast, you can gather your own list of quick, healthy breakfast choices.

Note from Rika: For more healthy eating ideas for your family check out this simple, step-by-step system for shopping, cooking and eating the world's healthiest foods.

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